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Gone (Wake)

Gone (Wake Trilogy, Book 3) - Lisa McMann full review can be found on my blog, holes In My brain So here ends our journey with Janie and Cabel, and over the span of the three books I never really well, fell for them. Janie in this book is at a Morton's Fork, or as she adequately says "two equally sucky choices". The author really drew out her dilemma and her decisions, focusing almost exclusively on her.This leads to the fact that the novel lacks plot. In the sense that I can barely find one, there's the simmering on with the "stranger" which is average at best... I was ambivalent on this because the character development is extremely strong, despite my lack of connection with them. Okay, I'm not making much sense, but basically: lots of character development, very little plot, I found everything so-so.The writing is something that I hated in the first book but it ended up growing on me.. yay. The style and tone is different and very upfront in a way I found myself liking. Oh, and I still don't get Cabel. Honestly, his unselfishness is pretty impressive, I mean, I don't understand his love for Janie, who is pretty much a bitch to him for 80% of the novel. And Janie's alcoholic mother, Dorothea, can go live in Fictionland Hellhole, I hate her.I did like the way things wrapped up, although it took 200 pages to get there it was an interesting road anyhow. McMann keeps readers guessing until the very end to find out the ultimate choice made my Janie.2.5/5 - because this finale is a nice end to the series that I'm surprised I finished. The lack of plot made things slow-moving but it was interesting to delve far into Janie's mind. I admired the writing style, and while I do wish there was more stuff happening, I thought the author managed to keep a reader wanting to know what finally happens to Janie and Cabe. I understand that this series just really wasn't for me but it has huge appeal to others.