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Perfect Scoundrels (Heist Society Novels)

Perfect Scoundrels - Ally Carter Hale? HALE! This is a HALE book, much to my excitement. There is plenty of Hale, and not just the one you're thinking (have I mentioned Hale's name enough? Because really, what more of an excuse do you need? One more time? HALE!) The Heist Society series is honestly just pure escapism and fun times for me, and that's why I adore it so much. Teens planning and executing cons could not possibly be more entertaining, especially with such a kick-butt protagonist and a loveable supporting cast. It's the type of book where I don't give a crap that there's one too many tropes.My only issue with this book (because as usually, I love the delightful characters and smooth writing) is that I felt the plot lost the "it" factor towards the end. I ended up questioning the author's decision to "trick" the reader for a page or two, and the shift (BEING VERY VERY VAGUE, HOPEFULLY NO SPOILERS) between the 'bridge' and the 'train' was really.. confusing? Like after reading the part on the train, the transition felt very clunky.Okay, these are spoilers:Like the part when "Reginald" died, that whole part I was on board, but then when Carter was writing Kat and Hale's reactions, I didn't like the forced emotion (considering Kat must have known the plan). It felt tacky and manipulative. Also, to expand on the bridge and train thing, how did Garrett like, leave prison? I thought he 'killed' a guy. Don't they lock you up for that? What?Anyway, there were also parts of the plot that I wasn't a huge fan of (we know the antagonist's plan too early on), or that the heist was underwhelming (it was sneaky, but not... heist-y enough for me, or imaginative enough). --HOWEVER, it's still getting 4/5 from me because although there were some parts I wasn't the most pleased with, I still had and wonderful time reading it and escaping into Kat's world. I thought Ally Carter dealt with so many great themes in an impacting way (I really adored the way Carter wrote about Kat stealing Hale), the themes of family and friendship really stood out and I greatly enjoyed it.