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Where She Went

Where She Went - Gayle Forman full review can be found on my blog, holes In My brain I also INTERVIEWED Gayle! interviewBarrel of the gun, rounds one two threeShe says I have to pick: choose you, or choose meMetal to the temple, the explosion is deafeningLick the blood that covers meShe's the last one standing"ROULETTE"COLLATERAL DAMAGE, TRACK 11WHERE SHE WENT has been difficult for me to review to say the least. It still feels like the novel is shifting around in my heart as I can easily say I couldn't stop thinking about it once I finished. There is a certain quality to this book that makes it just beautiful. It’s a sentimental smile on a dreary day. Taking place three years after the first book, it was so effortless to slip into Adam’s mind and become swept up in the book.I wish I could go out here and say the novel is perfect, but I don't think I can. While it's not perfect, I do think I can support the fact that I think it's a breathtaking, starting with the very crux of the story: Adam. Oh Adam Wilde, you have skyrocketed up my list of supermegafoxyawesomehot fictional boys so easily that I'm afraid my standards are falling. And then I read your story again and I know you more than deserve your spot there.What makes the book come alive is the characters. I loved the way Gayle Forman slammed Mia and Adam’s worlds together in a fateful reunion. The simmering emotions crackle and pop, sometimes with subtlety and other times with an explosion. The tentative chemistry between the two was spectacularly done, and I loved finding out piece by piece the events that occurred in those three years (similar format to If I Stay) but most of all, I loved the voice of Adam. He's angry and tormented, and I am beyond impressed with Forman's ability to craft such a distinctive voice that captures the character's soul.Much like the format in If I Stay, readers get flashbacks of what happened between the two, and I devoured these so quickly that I might’ve choked. This book is just as, if not more about what happened in the three years (it's called "Where She Went" for goodness sakes) so obviously I just loved finding out the less-than-perfect events that tore Adam and Mia apart; and this very process works in reverse as Forman manages to piece them back together, one New York stop at a time.Where She Went is a brilliant sequel with emotionally honest and beautifully crafted characters. It’s a sequel well worthy of its predecessor, and readers will fall in love with Adam and Mia all over again, like they do with a favourite song.5/5 – because I simply LOVED it. Loved the characters, the writing, the plot. I loved the lyrics of each chapter, and the fireworks between Mia and Adam. I loved the simplicity and the complexities of a novel with such high expectations, yet it’s one that manages to be amazing in an understated manner. Forman has really nailed the voice of Adam, and pretty much this sequel. It's gourmet literature.