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The Demon Trapper's Daughter (Demon Trappers Series #1)

The Demon Trapper's Daughter  - Jana Oliver full review can be found on my blog, holes IN My brainSo.. this book was overwhelmingly average. It’s one of those books that is an enjoyable reading experience (as in I never got annoyed, things flowed well, there was enough action, mystery, romance, etc) but when I turned the last page, I go… “ehh, alrighty”.Personally, I found The Demon Trapper’s Daughter unmemorable. I’d like to say that the premise of the world and the history of the demons were interesting, but honestly, thinking back, I can’t remember much about them apart from the fact that demons are classified in levels. I did really like the idea of demon trappers vs. hunters, and all those cool gadgets they use.Our protagonist, Riley, is a likable enough, she had the typical qualities of a kick-butt heroine: bravery, smarts, and actiony-goodness. I remember the scenes after her father died and me wishing the grief thing was more… elegantly done (from a writing perspective, not in the ‘she should be more sophisticated’ perspective). I think I've read a lot of those grief novels (The Sky is Everywhere, Hold Still) that I just expected a bit more. Also, I should mention that there is, I swear, a potential love SQUARE. I mean.. really?I wasn't rabidly flipping the pages mostly because I couldn't find Riley's motivations particularly inspiring. The plot was shaky as well, for example, there was the whole part about the circle and the necromancers which just… went away halfway through. There is some switching third person POVs, which is a personal pet peeve although it is done pretty well. While I could have survived without knowing Beck’s thoughts, it was nice, I guess.This novel is a solid paranormal that was an enjoyable read throughout.2.5/5 – because it was a good book. There’s a difference between dislike and indifference, and this is the latter. Not much I can say about it, if you want a fun paranormal read, I’d say go for it, there really isn’t anything wrong with it (though I will dock points for a love SQUARE). I was in the mood for a paranormal read and this one did the trick just fine.