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The Moon and More

The Moon and More - Sarah Dessen

A lot of those "almost but not quite" feelings when i was reading, regarding both the romance, friends, and family aspect. I wanted more from this book, but as usual, i enjoyed the distinctly Dessen vibe, Colby, dialogue, and writing.


It's hugely unfair to the author for readers to constantly compare his/her books to others. But sorry, I'm human, I can't help it and because of my inability to judge The Moon and More as a simple "YA book" as opposed to a "Sarah Dessen book", my review is skewed.For example: I liked Morris and Daisy. But I liked the supporting characters from The Truth About Forever more (like Monica and Kristy). Those characters just felt more vibrant and fleshed out, and funner to read about. I liked Emaline's sisters. But I loved Whitney and Kirsten (from Just Listen) more. I liked Emaline's mom. But I liked Auden/Auden's mom's relationship more. I liked the Emaline/her father thing. But I couldn't help but compare it to Auden/Auden's father, which I had enjoyed more and was for some reason, much more invested in. And neither Theo nor Luke did it for me. I mean, no, you dont' have to make me swoon. But you have to make me care. And you didn't. I just never clicked with Theo, and I can't really put my finger on why-- I'm not sure if I thought he was just too flat, to predictably unique, too Superlative... but he just never did it. But I did adore Benji, and even appreciated Ivy after a while. Go figure.


Anyway, as you can tell, it's just not my favourite because I just come to expect a wee bit more from Dessen's books, and this one didn't deliver in the way I had hoped.