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Enclave (Razorland Series #1)

Enclave (Razorland Series #1) - full review on my blog, holes In My brainEnclave was just not the book for me. In fact, I think I fell asleep at least 6 times (unfortunately, I’m not kidding) while trying to read this book. Granted, many times I was exhausted but still… it did not keep me engaged at all.Starting with the characters: the were just okay. I thought Deuce was interesting and joins the cast of kick-ass female heroines, but from there most character fell flat. I thought her interactions with Fade were incredibly forced which ended up coming off as awkward and just.. weird. As if it were placed there with the intention of “oh, here is where a swoon moment should be” instead of letting the story flow.I’ll bring up a comparison (which I usually try to avoid) but when comparing Enclave to Heist Society, Hale's and Fade’s actions are similar. There are small glances, touches, and smiles that are littered throughout the book and while in Heist Society, I’m completely swooning and going HALE!, in Enclave, I was just like… “man, that’s weak.” Just didn’t feel the chemistry, you know?I wish we could have learned more about the Freaks, they reminded me of the zombies from I Am Legend and when they made an appearance, the book became more exciting. Aguirre definitely knows how to write her fight scenes! That said, the writing was a lot of tell, not enough show. Deuce spelled out her feelings and thoughts one too many times, which distanced myself from her.Another thing that impeded my urge to read this book was that I lacked the motivation to want to figure out what happens. I didn’t really care for the characters, but more importantly, I never wondered what would happen next—not a good sign. But I realize that this is a fault of the reader (my) end because just looking at the book, it’s a good book. There’s a ton of action, there’s an interesting premise and a great post-apocalyptic world… it just didn’t capture me. 2/5 – because I didn’t really feel it. As a reading experience, it was slow and I slogged through it. I couldn’t connect with the writing or the characters, despite recognizing that Deuce and Fade are pretty cool. I can’t really say much about it, but I would say if you think dystopian/post-apocalyptic zombies and action are your thing, go for it.