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Stealing Parker

Stealing Parker - Miranda Kenneally This one's going to be tough to review, I'll have a full review up at a later date, hopefully.For one, this is much more than a book about forbidden romance and baseball.It was not what I expected (I adored Catching Jordan, I thought that book was awesomesauce, so I really wanted something similar to it)... and what I got, I wasn't sure how to feel about it.I like many aspects of Stealing Parker, but I really lacked the reading "groove" or "flow" because it kept the gears in my head spinning. I kept thinking and thinking about the issues and themes and characters and analyzing my reading experience AS I was reading it that I couldn't truly throw myself in and get engrossed. It didn't have the smoothness and addicting feeling as CJ, and it lacked.. the charm.This is a very good book. And my review will be a VERY BIG "IT'S NOT YOU, IT'S ME" type of shin-dig. I just needed to shut down my thoughts a bit, but I couldn't.Some wickedly awesome references thrown in, Harry Potter fans will love it, and Melina Marchetta fans just may pick up a few...cool mentions.edit: My head is still turning, and I decided to delete a chunk of my mini-post-reading-thoughts because I realize that I've turned into the type of reader I would absolutely detest if I were looking it from the opposite side of things (walking around in their shoes, so to speak).