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The Wise Man's Fear (Kingkiller Chronicles Series #2)

The Wise Man's Fear (Kingkiller Chronicles Series #2) -

The middle dragged a bit but once we reached Haert, it was full steam ahead. I may have had a few issues with the perfect-ness of Kvothe, but hey. Whatever. Also, I disliked Denna.


I loved this book. It's a monster of a book and it's so, so excellent. Patrick Rothfuss' poetic writing swept me off my feet and the tales of Kvothe made me more and more concerned for the present-day, parallel story of Kvothe of Waystone Inn.


This sequel left me craving for more and left me with more questions than I could fathom. Rothfuss is a fantastic storyteller, no matter how insane the adventure may turn, he keeps it in check with deft writing and well-placed humour. The worldbuilding is pretty much unparalleled as I was completely immersed once again.


This series is smart. Enchanting. Wonderfully written. Hugely imaginative. It has well-written characters and has adventure, charm, and wit to fill thousands of pages. The Wise Man's Fear is over 900 pages long, and as I was closing in on the last page, I found myself reluctant to keep turning the pages. I've now joined the ranks of fellow readers eagerly awaiting book 3, but I'll sit here and wait patiently. I know I'll be in for a treat.