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Nothing (Teller, Janne)

Nothing - Janne Teller full review on my blog, holes In My brainNOTHING's pemise is simple enough. Pierre Anthon mocks his classmates (13-14 year olds) about the meaningless of life, of how everything is nothing, and how nothing matters. Of course, the children set out to prove him wrong, to prove that they can build a pile of meaningful things. This is just the beginning…This book is weird. It’s excellent in a twisted sort of manner because it mashes innate human emotions and philosophical ponderings to deliver a shocking and ultimately, enthralling read.The beginning was slow for me, and didn’t really pick up until maybe a third of the way through when the stakes began to rise. From then on as my jaw dropped over and over again (not a metaphor) this novel escalates to the finish line (with my eyes glued to the page). I was definitely reminded of Lord of the Flies, but in contrast, it feels like these characters, children, descend into some form of savage masochistic society right in the middle of a civilized town with their parents present and everything. There were more than a few surprising (disturbing!) moments, but I’ll have to let you find out what they are.The writing is translated from Danish, but I still liked it. Despite being somewhat disengaging at the beginning, I eventually bought into the style, and I was especially fond of single-sentences-on-a-page. Lastly, the characters shape the book, and each character is carefully developed as the plot progresses. I do wish I felt more for the narrator, but it was also part of the aura with the narrator, Agnes, being 'part of the mob' as opposed to an outsider. I was very, very impressed with these aspects of the book.NOTHING is a fascinating novel that not only questions the meaning of life, but includes all the WTF-ery that comes with it. Haha, that blurb really doesn’t really send the right message… it’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly why I liked this darkly morbid book, I just did. And I would definitely advise you not to miss out on this underappreciated gem :)4/5 – because I was surprised by how good it was. It started out mehh, but as the stakes got higher and these kids started doing some crazy shizz, I just became immersed in this provocative tale. It will surprise you, and it will stay with you long after you’re done.