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Getting the Girl

Getting the Girl - Markus Zusak Well, the brothers are back, plus the rest of their family including sister Sarah and older brother Steve. Like the title states, this novel involves a girl, Octavia, whom Rube dated. Rube is a player, dating a girl for a couple weeks then dropping them without a second though, never committing himself, giving back in a relationship. But Octavia is different to Cam, not one of the trashy girls. After she and Rube break up, Cam falls in love with her, but this doesn't sit well with Rube, putting tension on both relationships. All the while, Cam has to deal with being a 'loner', fighting for Octavia, and dealing with his family. He learns to fight for himself, not for his brother, not for someone else, to take something he wants.While this novel deals with 'getting the girl' and stuff, again, it's deeper than that. Zusak's book explores Cam's world and his life, the way he feels about himself, about his family. Sure, Cam's head-over-heels for a girl, but he finds himself in a situation he has to fight for what he wants. He expresses himself with 'writings' that are inter-spaced throughout the novel, and personally, I find his 'writings' impressive, mature, and extremely well written. It's so lyrical, almost like a poem, and very beautiful. I thought it was a good idea by Zusak to include this, giving readers more inside into Cam's personal thoughts.Rube and Steve got on my nerves, but again, it's family. Some of their actions were completely uncalled for, and sometimes I felt Cam forgave them too easily. If I were in his place, I would be holding a hella-grudge, but he finds 'it doesn't matter', and he has to move on. His confrontations, though not physical, made him a brave character, facing his problems and issues without hiding away. The way he treats Octavia is incessantly sweet, standing outside her house for hours. I really like Cam's character.Unlike Fighting Ruben Wolfe, Getting the Girl doesn't revolve mainly around brothers and family, but rather around Cam and him finding his place.3.2/5 - because I loved Cam's 'writings' throughout the novel, it made it richer. The prose is again, suitable, but a bit more mature which fits Cam. The characters were well-drawn, especially the Wolfe family, and I really liked Cam. He's such a brave, strong character, yet he doesn't really know it. A bit insecure, but he still does the right thing in the end despite how things are against him. If you liked Fighting Ruben Wolfe, you will probably like this one. If you didn't this book might not be for you, but you can still give it a try. Again, a more 'boyish' novel, but realistic and well written.