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The Raven Boys

The Raven Boys - Okay. Here it goes.I adored The Scorpio Races much more than I expected to, so The Raven Boys was riding on some high expectations. In addition, many of my favourite bloggers absolutely RAVED about the book... so... I really liked it. I loved some parts of it, truly, truly loved some other, and yet I thought a few other parts were really just satisfactory. But let's start with the pros: the boys. Stiefvater has this extraordinary ability to characterize the people in her novel, and that stand out against so brightly and I loved it. I love the uniqueness of each boy; the old yet young-ness of Gansey, the wild card Ronan, the scholarship kid trying to make it Adam, and the questionable Noah. I loved the closeness of their friendship, but I also loved the dynamics and the unexpectedness that comes along with it. The writing just described each of the beautifully, and I can't get enough of it. And that also meant that the boys often overshadowed Blue, our "main-ish" protagonist. Blue's smart, capable, and sensible, yet I not as compelling. I liked her, but I didn't love her. I liked what she stood for and the mystery around her 'first kiss' and her connection with Gansey were all interesting, but it wasn't enough for me, to be honest, I just didn't connect to her character the way I think I was supposed to.And that brings me to the last, and largest point in this review: the plot. Please don't kill me... but the thing is, I didn't find it interesting. (enough). Seriously, that's my problem with it. Maybe it's my non-love for paranormal or something, but I couldn't really get myself to care about this ley line, the Glendower, the magic... I'm not sure if it was as if it wasn't "epic" enough to warrant 4 books or what, but it just didn't capture me. Which means this point is a very big "it's not you, it's me" type of thing, and I wish it wasn't so, but yeah. I didn't find the plot or the mystery compelling, which meant that I lacked the urgency when reading and it was easy for me to get distracted. In addition, the ending was kind of disappointing, it wasn't grand enough and felt way too much as a set-up for a series, which is understandable but..yeah. HOWEVER, MAGGIE STIEFVATER, YOUR WRITING IS GORGEOUS. I can't say that enough, I loved the weight behind her words, the softness, the heaviness, the intricacy and the different-ness that she embraced and used so wisely. There are phrases to stop your heart and there are sentences that describe the boys so flipping well that my jaw drops. I love her writing in The Raven Boys.So yes, ultimately, I'll be recommending this book often because I enjoyed it quite a bit and I thought it was a great book with fabulous characters. The writing is superb, and while the mystery didn't really appeal to me, there is enough going for this novel that I'll definitely be checking out the sequel.