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Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell 4.5/5, I might change it to 5/5 later because that's how much I adored it. I just have all these feelings. Like it feels as if my chest has swelled up and I'm both happy and sad and just so..... yeah. It's hard to explain.You know what is the best thing about this book? I mean, the thing that's just ridiculously refreshing and caught me off guard. It's this:The book is about Eleanor. And Park. And their relationship and nothing greater than that (well, immediate family excluded). There is no grand plan. There is no greater good, there is no war, no impending apocalypse, this was a story about two teenagers who fall in love and fall in love in a ridiculously adorable way. There's intimacy to this type of storytelling in which the reader is wildly consumed by just two people-- it's a small story, but maybe that's what makes it feel so much bigger.Plus, this book had the best references. Rowell referenced Dicey Tillerman for goodness sakes, that's some quality stuff. Han Solo, too.And the writing was dreamy. And the freaking metaphors were to die for. Eleanor thought of Park as a protagonist to a story and I was just like hallelujah what is this perfection.. it was the little things like that. I wish I had sticky notes as I was reading because they would have been everywhere. I love the two characters. I love love love love loved them. They were both so beautiful. And I LOVED Park's parents SO MUCH omg. They actually deserve an entire paragraph's dedication. Because I loved them and their story and their conflicts and their relationship with Park. Everything. So wonderfully written (and cute).I'll be thinking of this book for days. Do read it if you get the chance. It's different. It's quirky and soft but also tragic and unfair. Kind of like life. Except I wish life had more guys like Park and more girls like Eleanor.