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Girl Out Loud - Emily Gale Didn't finish this book. I tried!! The first 50 wasn't doing anything for me but I gave it another 50 because I was told it would approach more emotional issues but yeah, I gave up after 100. I ended up going to the back and skimming the end to see what happens (I haven't done that for a book for like.. years) and I'm not too upset about marking this as DNF. The main reason I couldn't get into the book is that it felt too "young" for me. The instant messaging with chatspeak made me extremely irritated and there were scenes like Kass talking about this 'dreamboat' boy that I felt I had.. outgrown. I like reading books that connect with me as a reader and I just couldn't do it with this novel and this protagonist. I had some interest in what was going to go down with her family but not enough, unfortunately. I think Kassidy's voice is unique though so I wouldn't mind recommending it to others, it just really wasn't the book for me.