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Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake oh this is one helluva book. I thought the build up took a bit too long but as things built up to the half-way mark, the whole story just took off. One of the coolest, most intense climaxes makes for a thrilling read. Blake does horror pretty well and I loved how different this book is from what I usually read. Of course, I have a soft spot with boys with knives, and Cas, I adore you. Funny, snarky, and quite a smart-ass, he's entertaining and full of personality. I also appreciated the word "bumblefuck" which I am now inserting permanently into my vocabulary. Thomas and Carmel were both further developed as well, which was nice. Lastly, the book's "packaging" is just stunning, I mean, that cover and the dark red font just makes me so happy. I like pretty books.