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Switch - Tish Cohen full review on my blog, holes In My brainSwitch was a book that surprised me, I went in thinking it would be… how do I say this… like Disney (which is a hit or miss for me) with the cheesy plots and the clichéd dialogue. However, I was totally wrong as Tish Cohen managed to refresh the Freaky Friday plot.I really liked the fact that Andrea narrated the book from start to finish, I was worried that it would be alternating narration which, since the two girls who switched bodies were the same age, would probably get repetitive (as in "omg I want my body back this life sucks" esque). It was interesting to read more about Andrea and get the hang of her voice and her character, especially when she talked about her own family and the foster siblings.The relationship I found most interesting was not the crush, but the one between Joules and her father, Nigel. Andrea (in Joules’ body) learns about the ups and downs of the glamorous rock-star life and I think the father-‘daughter’ dynamics were handled really well. I was surprised by the twist, but it definitely added to the story; I really liked the ending because of this.The plot itself was kind of straight forward and what I expected, but that said, I can comfortably say I was never bored—there wasn’t any eye-rolling or sighs, I was engaged and wanting to know what happened next. I liked how Cohen managed to touch on so many aspects of the two girls’ lives, yet I also appreciated the strong focus on family. I love books about family! :3.5/5 – because I liked it but it doesn’t really stand out for me. Thinking back, I remember that I enjoyed reading it and that it exceeded my expectations, but I can’t really remember specific details. It’s a fun, light read that I would easily recommend. In fact, I passed my copy on to an girl I know and I'm sure she'll like it :)