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The Forever Crush (The Pink Locker Society #3) - Debra Moffitt full review on my blog, holes In My brainI feel The Pink Locker Society: The Forever Crush targets a pretty specific audience, and quite frankly, I just wasn’t it. It’s a book for tween girls and I think if I was 11, I’d find it extremely relatable and helpful. However, since I’m not 11, I didn’t particularly care for it.I just couldn’t get myself to connect with Jemma—and maybe it’s my whole snobby teenager thing, but she just reminded me of eighth graders (which she was) but honesty, once you’re out of grade eight, you spend the rest of high school hating grade eights…. I swear :p To me, her worries just seemed trivial and immature but I know that when I was younger, her concerns totally made up my world too. I liked the fact that Moffitt made sure the story had an interesting storyline as well as a strong, even inspirational message. I admired Jemma’s realizations and the way she handled things in a mature yet still relatable manner. There were times when I thought Moffitt tried to tackle too much at once with too many sub-plots, whether it was her parent’s pregnancy, the healthy weight issues, the crush, the hater, or snotty people in general; some parts just felt pushed to the side then snatched back out of nowhere.The Forever Crush would be an awesome book for tween girls, I think it dealt with subject matter that’s especially relevant that demographic, but it just wasn’t for me. I’d totally recommend it for moms to buy for their daughters, or if you’re a fan of middle-grade, lesson-learning fiction, this one’s great.2.5/5 – because I couldn’t get myself to care for the things going on her life, such as a pretend boyfriend. I know I’m not really the ideal reader for a book like this, but nevertheless it was enjoyable at times and I thought all the subject matter in the book was handled well by the author. It’s the kind of book I’d totally devour if I was younger though!