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Paranormalcy - Kiersten White full review found on my blog, holes In My brain3.5/5I think I’ll preface this review by saying that I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who feels this way so feel free to ignore me and go read other, more positive reviews.So PARANORMALCY wasn’t for me. It just didn’t work for my Monday moods or my mindset for stress, and I really want to say that this isn’t the book’s fault at all, it’s me. The one thing that mostly determines whether I like a book or not is the voice, it's what I find is the most important aspect (and from this post, what I think should be obvious within the first pages). Needless to say, Evie’s voice in this novel is very distinct and well crafted, I just really didn’t like it.In a word, it just felt… immature. Evie’s sixteen and she’s been through a lot, and I know that she uses her optimism and peppiness to help her deal with a lonely, somewhat confined life but sometimes it was just.... too much. Her narration just reminded of the superficial, shallow grade 8 girls at my school, I just couldn’t care much about her, and when this disconnect is present, my enjoyment level plummets. Her obsession with boys, her choice of language (again, personal taste), her OMG SPARKLES attitude… yeah.But something I did really like about Evie is that she doesn’t do stupid stuff!! Like wow, I didn’t think I would be so impressed with a character running away from danger*. There were serious moments (such as murders) that I couldn't really care for because I was preoccupied by Evie's bright voice. On the flip side , I do feel White managed to balance her angst and her optimism very well, neither emotion was overdone.The plot from a stripped-down point of view is well done, albeit it kind of felt like two different storylines meshed together to form the plot arc. However, my inability to care much for Evie hindered my positive view of the plot; I was just thinking “alright, just go with it” as opposed to “omg, what happens next?!”Hmm, as for the boys, I can’t really for the life of me see why there would be any debate. Reth is a creepy mother-effer, so puh leez. That said, I didn’t really believe the Lend-Evie romance, to me it felt so… high school. As in “those two will never last” type of shin-dig, it was lust-and-opportunity driven in my mind, despite what Evie may claim. I think I feel this way merely because of Evie’s narration though, there are quite a lot of words dedicated to Lend’s “dark-haired, dark-eyed hottie” face. I liked Lend though :)PARANORMALCY is an original paranormal novel, no doubt, but I unfortunately never cared (I tried to, I swear) much for the protagonist. In turn, I didn’t care much for the book but I am in the 2 percentile, so if you’re iffy on whether or not to pick it up, I would definitely advise you to do so.