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Across the Universe - Beth Revis full review can be found on my blog, holes In My brainSo, have you heard of this book? I sure hope so, because from the breathtaking cover to the beyond intriguing premise, this is set up to be the next big thing, and in a way, it is. There is so much potential for ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, and I felt that Revis managed to keep readers hooked with a beautiful blend of mystery, secrets and romance.The issues I had with this book aren't necessarily critical remarks. I just felt that for the first half of the book I felt extremely disconnected from both characters. I just didn't care for them, and I don't think even by the end of it, either of them will be getting a BFF charm from me. Yes, they were pretty well rounded, had their high and low points, they had some wonderful chemistry but it never felt intimate, it felt very much like a story.My lack of empathy with the characters hindered my enjoyment of the novel, no doubt, but I feel there are actually numerous positive aspects that kept me interested in what will happen, namely, the mystery. I liked the way everything was set up and there was no clear suspect, plus the routes Amy and Elder took to try and unveil the many secrets of the ship. I would have hoped to feel a bit more urgency, but it's forgivable. I did find the very end when Elder reveals a 'big thing' to be... eye-brow raising. I mean, you couldn't mention earlier?... Really?????I have to say the setting, or should I say, Godspeed was my favourite aspect of the novel. I loooved every single detail Revis included, the imagery is just stunning. From the people to the science to the overall ambiance, things were top-notch 'world-building' for sure.I do want to mention the arcing themes of the novel, I really liked the way Revis included moral undertones without having them overpower any aspect. It adds a level of depth that pushes the novel from a simple adventure to a thoughtful, 'thinking' book.