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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver full review can be found on my blog, holes In My brain Starting with the positives, the writing no doubt is miles ahead of other cool stuff. Oliver’s writing is incredible, it truly is an experience. She has a way with figurative language that makes me ashamed of my lack of eloquence, the novel’s prose is simply beautiful. Seriously. The writing is amazing (and much better than I remembered compared to BEFORE I FALL).The world-building will be something that many people will probably comment on, and how flawless and perfect it was. However, I thought it was a bit average. Dystopian worlds are commonly praised for its originality, especially in a highly praised novel, but the premise of this one was just average with a twist. Love being a disease was undoubtedly original, but the rest of the world didn’t impress me. Perfect society and matchy-matchy? Been there, done that.Lena's relationships with both Hannah and Alex were well developed. I especially liked witnessing the friendship between her and Hannah, I felt it was executed realistically and really captured a 'tone', considering the circumstances. I was less impressed with Lena/Alex, I had trouble finding it fresh and original. Alex’s character wasn’t fantastic, but he was interesting to read about, not many complaints there.On the flip side, the pacing rocked; the world building never felt overwhelming-- it was just at the sweet spot. The start was attention grabbing and I liked the way thing started to build as the plot progressed. It became intense and desperate as you sped towards an ending you couldn't even begin to predict.Lauren Oliver’s second novel does not disappoint. Delirium is dystopian. It’s adventurous. It’s dangerous, romantic and stunning. It’s one you shouldn’t miss.4.5/5 – because while there are numerous things that I loved about it, it did lose some of its shininess in other areas. I wished the plot could have been a bit more unpredictable, although the premise Oliver had created was crazy good. The ending wasn’t really my style, but overall it was a really great novel that has huge appeal. Bring on the sequel!!