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The Ancillary's Mark - Daniel A. Cohen Read my full review on my blog, holes In My brain.As soon as we are introduced to Jacob, every vibe he gives off is positive. I mean colour coded bookmarks and sitting down in elevators pondering life? I knew I was gonna like this boy right away, and throughout the book I just liked him more. A few aspects of his character could probably have been more polished, for example, his quirks are thrown out there in a really deliberate manner rather than 'unveiled'.. also he kind of lacked faults. But I can probably brush that aside because he was admirable 90% of the time.An aspect I couldn't for the life of me become a fan of was the romance, it was so freaking predictable! The moment the (one-dimensional) girl walks in I knew how things would unfold between them. My very last, and mostly minor problem was that I did find myself wary of the dialogue at times, especially during the beginning.But let's put all that aside and focus on the part I absolutely loved: the plot! Wow, it was impressive to say the least, a great adventure from beginning to end that included everything I could ask for: crazy villains, awesome side-kicks and a quest-worthy prize. I can't compliment it enough, the twists and turns in the story is what kept me hooked and wanting to read more. I adored the Tibetan setting and the quirky characters there (Clark, you rock), but what I loved the most was the mystery of the Ancillary flower/mark. Loved the whole concept of it.It kind of reminded me of The Da Vinci Code, with a riddle with so many hidden meanings that gradually become clear to both Jacob and the reader. I might also mention that from probably a quarter into the book, the plot never slows down, and hang on tight because the race to the finish line was exhilarating in the best sense.