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The Year of Secret Assignments - Jaclyn Moriarty 3.5/5read the full review on my blog, holes In My brainThis book is legit one of the funniest books I’ve read in 2010. I’ll break this down because I can’t really form fancy-schmancy sentences in my brain right now.I was surprised by:1. The format. Honestly, until I started reading it I had no idea it was all in the format of letters/emails/diary entries between the characters. And I totally loooooved it.2. How much I LOVED the friendship between Cass, Emily and Lydia. Honestly a beautiful portrayal of teenage friendship (I wish I had such awesome friends tbh). These three girls are almost always on the same page, their friendship bonds them together and lets them work through hardships… excellent.3. How friggin FUNNY it was. It’s hilarious, and in a smart, clever, witty and random-ish type of funny that is amazing. I just adored the girls’ letters and personalities.What I expected that ended up being true:1. Great writing. Moriarty is showing me to stop underestimating Aussie authors, they mean serious business! The writing (which is basically the letters) is full of humour, wit and authenticity. It could be quirky at times, whimsical or even heart-breakingly honest... Each character shined in their own way.2. Good characters. Even through letters, the author managed to splendidly emit each character’s personality, which I loved. I do want to say my favourite is Cass, because I felt she had more overall depth and not just the loving, friendly, and quirk-ness of her other two bffs.What I was disappointed by:1. A few of the characters’ actions… *Mild spoilers* there are a few ‘breakups’ that I found just ridiculous. Just beyond silly that I’m wondering if these teens are just overemotional over-reactors that blow minor things way out of proportion. And this made it extremely annoying knowing crap happened through stupid reasoning, and this poor reasoning made me question my liking for aforementioned characters. And it irked me.2. Somewhat less ‘action’ than I envisioned, I thought there would be more emphasis on pranks, inter-school rivalry, fun shenanigans…3. Lack of swoon-worthy romance. I wish I was more of a fan of Seb and Charlie, I just never really clicked with them…4. The hypocrisy at the end. Ugh, I’m not a fan of hypocrites and honestly the end (I’m talking about when they were discussing people’s privacy) made me want to pull my hair out.3.5/5 - because I thought it was a wonderful story that portrayed a fantastic friendship. It was built on a premise that totally rocked, and I think through stellar writing Moriarty delivered a very enjoyable book. The letters and the plot were toed both sides of ridiculous and heart-felt, which showed the incredible range of this book. I really, really wish I could say I loved it.... but some parts didn’t work well with me (thus the rating). However, I can still say that this laugh-out-loud novel is definitely not the last one I will be reading by this author.