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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson Click herefor the full review on my blogI think “Men Who Hate Women” might have been a more suitable title. I like to think myself as an emotional reader, I find myself part of the story and this time, might not have been the best idea. I’ll admit, I was pretty damn freaked out at times as I blanched at the horrors being described and the disgusting acts being committed… this is definitely not a book for younger audiences.The story itself is pretty intricate, the disappearance and the whole mystery is well laid out. The Vanger family gives a whole new definition to dysfunctional, and the sub-plots (Millennium, etc) were well presented. I thought Lisbeth as a fascinating, enigmatic character that really stands out amongst books I’ve read lately, I don’t want to spoil too much but I just found her really bizarre-ly interesting. Blomkvist is more of a typical male lead—less unique, more clichéd but still likable.It does feel a bit “out-of-times” just because of how technology is handled nowadays, and there could be some confusing Swedish terms. Lastly, I suggest finding out the kroner-to-USD conversion rate, they talk a lot about money.4.2/5 – because the story was gripping, addicting, but is it okay to say “messed up” at times? It could be twisted and merciless to a younger reader, and it really is a clever and fast-paced thriller novel with intriguing characters and a mystery worth the 500 or so pages. Recommended for adults who like, well, mystery thrillers.