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Shiver - Maggie Stiefvater I picked up this book because of all the amazing reviews of it. I wasn't too keen of the "very central romance" but I wanted to give it a chance.Shiver is about Grace and Sam. Grace, the girl who was saved by a yellow-eyed wolf when she was attacked by a pack. She has been watching 'her wolf' for years now, and has fallen in love with him. Sam is the wolf, who feels the connection with Grace from the moment he saw her reading on the tire swing, about to be attacked. He has never ventured too close, but he has always been there. Until he disappears in the summer that is. As you guys have figured out, Sam turns into a human when it's warm out, but in the middle of Oct/Nov (I forget!) he turns into a human and meets Grace. It may be Sam's last time as a human before he permanently turns into a wolf, so together, they must fight against the cold to preserve their love.I think I mentioned in an earlier post how much Grace irked me in the beginning chunk of the novel. I still agree with my opinion: I didn't like how fast they 'fell in love' and how Grace acted when she and Sam got together. Plus, I also found some kinda-plot holes that bugged me (and I'm sure many people probably already mentioned..), Grace is locked in the car in a searing heat when she's 11. Uhmm, when you're 11, I really hope you know how to unlock the doors and open it. Yeah....Apart from that, I also found Grace's love for the wolf a tad creepy. She's like "in love" with the wolf before she figures the wolf is a boy, and she's not just fascinated. I could understand fascination, interest, maybe even a tad obsessed, but she's seriously "in love" before she even knows that it's a human. I'm not sure how Sam can just fall in love with Grace for so long when he has never really met her. Or talked (granted, wolves can't really talk) to her. It's like completely based on sight, like a crush on the gorgeous cheerleader you never talk to. What I don't like is how Sam is in love with her without even getting to know her. Who knows, maybe when the cheerleader opens her mouth, she turns out to be a total bitch or maybe really dim. You can't know just by watching.I will say, I really like Stiefvater's idea for the premise of the story, with the temperature determining the shapeshifting of the wolves. It was a clever idea, and I liked how they would blast the heat, and bundle up. I didn't like, however, the fact that 'to share the heat', they slept in the same bed. On the first night. Grace, it's a bit weird, letting the boy you met 24 hours prior sleep in the same bed with you, not to mention creepy and to push it, icky.It did get better, I think, during the end when actual action was happening. Through the middle chunk of the book, the romance was so sweet and syrup-y, with so many cute moments that I just kinda wanted to groan. The ending when Grace actually proves to not be helpless and dependant, as she fights to save Sam. I thought the "cure" was...meh.Minor characters were interesting in their own right, but since Grace is so very focused on her newfound boyfriend, I feel like I didn't get to know them as well as I could have. I thought the flipping POV were cool, because it carried the plot instead of just having the same scene from two different points of view. I think I liked Sam's voice a bit better, I don't really have a great reason why.One thing I did like with the book, however, was the writing. It was definitely well written IMHO, quite lyrical with pretty descriptions and very elegant prose. I enjoyed that aspect, while the dialogue felt a bit pushed.3.3/5 - because I wasn't a huge fan of the 'very central romance', or some of the character's actions. I apologize if I come off sounding mean or judgmental, I'm just typing my thoughts so I might not have used enough evidence to back up my opinions. Leave a comment if you seriously disagree and I'll do my best to justify myself. I did, however, like the premise and the writing. The ending part of the story was quite enjoyable as well. Minor characters could probably have been fleshed out more, but I understand that the story is Sam and Grace. There is a sequel coming out next year, Linger, which has a gorgeous cover (like this one!) which I think I'll read. I'm not desperately waiting for it though. I would recommend this to people who enjoy romance, Twilight, werewolves, and... yeah, romance.