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The Disenchantments

The Disenchantments - Nina LaCour The Disenchantments is kind of like Zooey Deschanel. I like Zooey, I really do. She's pretty awesome. But sometimes I think she goes a bit overboard with the quirky. But other than that, she's cool. That awful metaphor aside, I really liked the way LaCour tackled the themes in this book. There is nothing really unfamiliar in the subject matters dealt with in this novel, but the author really did exceed my expectations in the way she carefully explored these themes and depicted harsh realities of growing up. About finding yourself and the vast unknowing thing of a "future", the feeling of doing the right thing or wanting to.. all very familiar feelings. The characters were interesting, but I was fond of Colby's growth more than him as an individual. Bev was fascinating because I could both resent her for her decisions yet they made perfect sense in my head. The plot was alright (but sometimes overboard with aforementioned quirkiness and coincidences) and the writing was lovely."We all want to feel something, we want to be someone to one another.""Because things seem so clear when you're fourteen. Now, nothing seems clear."