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Something Like Normal

Something like Normal - Trish Doller I kind of knew exactly what to expect going in to this.. I've only been waiting on it for like a year. I loved Travis. Amazing protagonist, I thought his PTSD was well done and never felt sloppy/self indulgent.I like how honest Travis' character was, perhaps it was the large doses of cold showers, but hey. I adored Harper though I would have like to see more dialogue from her, to be honest. The voice was like, perfect.Although a bit short, I didn't feel like the ending was left wanting, despite what I've read from reviews. I thought when the climax rolled around, I felt everything falling into place and though "yeah, time to wrap it up" and I personally really liked how the book ended. I wanted to mention how much I effing love Travis' mom. It's a different YA book, not your typical protagonist, plot, or character. Hugely recommended. (I think such a good book deserves a more worthy cover, but that's just my opinion)