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Fall for Anything

Fall for Anything - Courtney Summers read the full review on my blog, holes In My brainWhere do I start? FALL FOR ANYTHING is a gutting book, a searing read, a tremendous accomplishment. I’ve come to expecting nothing but the best from Summers and she has once again delivered a piece that made my skin crawl and my eyes water almost simultaneously.While some novels I love for the breathtaking writing, I do believe Summers’ strongest suit is (despite phenomenal prose) her characterization. Eddie became a real person, a living, breathing and grieving person who was lost and searching after the shattering suicide of her father. Milo is more than the best friend, and Culler is more than the mysterious and intriguing stranger. Everyone is so much more, and I feel the author manages to deliver that extra oomph that many authors only aim for.Motivations is a strong recurring theme in this novel, and it is through the characterization that nothing ended up feeling contrived. The feelings and actions of each individual never takes a back seat to the plot, no, things are complicated and twisted. People are wrongly motivated by the right intentions.As I mentioned, I love the writing in FALL FOR ANYTHING. Taking a turn from the mean, bitchy protagonists, Eddie Reeves is a broken, fragile teenage girl that is fully exposed through beautiful writing. The prose is elegant but also striking, yet it doesn’t fail to include some hilariously dry humour. Summers’ writing doesn’t ever falter with each book she puts out, I am continually impressed.Now to the plot: well, it’s hard to describe it with words other than amazing. The mystery aspect blended well with Eddie’s need to believe that there was something more to her father’s death, her desperation to find out why drives the truth behind the mystery. When the twist is revealed, it truly is a hit to the gut because my thought process was along the lines of, “Courtney wouldn’t, I mean it could happen but she wouldn’t… no… OMFG SHE DID.” The author is fearless with her characters, delicately playing with their raw emotions… like damn.Lastly, I loved the inclusion of photography. If anything, it makes the novel just sparkle. :-)5/5 - because it is an exceptional contemporary novel that I utterly love. It’s one of those novels that will be talked about for ages as Summers continues to blaze her path in Young Adult literature. Emotions are spinning wildy, prose is impeccable, the plot is utterly believable and characterization is perfection. Everything I could want from a novel with such serious themes is packaged up into this 230 page piece of art.