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Living Dead Girl

Living Dead Girl - Elizabeth Scott read the full review on my blog, holes In My brainI consider myself a mature teenager, I can handle issues YA throws at me pretty well: vulgar language, violence, sex, booze, cutting… but quite honestly, Living Dead Girl made me uncomfortable.It’s an odd type of experience, “Alice” is a character that’s painful to read about, her sparse diction and her hopeless view portrays a girl who has been beat down too far and too hard that she loses her will to live. It’s scary and it’s jarring to read her story, it makes me squirm and want to look away and shield myself from her suffering that oozes from the pages. The depiction of abuse is relentless and tragic, and there is an element about this novel that sucked me into its darkness.The most prominent emotion I felt while reading was heartbreak, it was just so sad to read about the person Alice has become after 5 years with her abuser. The lack of spirit and determination makes her a toneless narrator, the simplicity of her words during explicit and horrific scenes breaks my heart. It’s hard to imagine, but this novel contains truth.