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Vortex - S.J. Kincaid LOVED it! So much escapism fun, this trilogy is turning into one of my favourites :) I remember reading a review somewhere the mentioned this series is like a sci-fi version of Harry Potter, and I think that analogy is awesome because Kincaid really does well to explore so many different aspects of growing up. Whether it is friendship, romance, family, the petty squabbles to changing the world, Tom Raines is completely caught up in it and these themes are developed wonderfully. The narration is smooth, very readable, funny when it needs to be and serious when necessary. I adore the dynamic between Medusa and Tom, as well as Wyatt Enslow, a severely underrated yet brilliant mashup of Ron and Hermione. One of the biggest compliments I can give is that I was reading A Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss, and The Ocean at the ENd of the Lane by Neil Gaiman at the time... then I read 100 pages of Vortex and couldn't get it out of my head. I knew I had to finish this book before I went back to the others (and trust me, the others are fantastic). Go read this series :)