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Birthmarked (Birthmarked Trilogy)

Birthmarked - Caragh M. O'Brien full review can be found on my blog, holes In My brain Where do I begin with BIRTHMARKED? Well, I always love touching on the dystopian worlds in dystopian novels, and I found the one created by O’Brien to be rather spectacular. It is very strongly conceptualized and deeply intricate. As the author gradually clued me into this world, the baby quotas and the Enclave, I became very impressed with the way things were organized.O’Brien also manages to juxtapose the two sides very well; readers are given a bleak feeling on the outside and the repressive, urgent yet modernized atmosphere on the inside (the Enclave). The writing was sharp and engaging, and instantly pulled me into the story. I was initially disappointed by the third person POV but I eventually didn't even notice, which is defs a good thing. I found the imagery to be particularly strong.What took this story from great to amazing was Gaia. She’s freaking awesome. She doesn’t necessarily set herself apart from ‘kick ass heroines’ in the conventional sense, but she has this unconventional attribute about her (that I can’t quite name) that makes her stand out amongst the rest, kind of like Katniss. And she doesn’t make ridiculously stupid decisions either, which always helps.The plot was fantastic; there really isn’t anything bad I can say about it. The pacing was perfect as O’Brien kept the story moving along briskly but still including minor twinges of details that added spark. As Gaia struggles with many internal and external conflicts, the world around her is swirling in a mess and she’s caught right in the middle.I was initially extremely wary about the romance but honestly, I grew into it (but unfortunately, not the love interest's name). There was enough chemistry between the two for it to be believable, and I loooved the crazy ending, yes I am one of ‘those people’ xD.BIRTHMARKED is a intriguing and smart debut that constructs an intense dystopian world, adds in a super sekrit mysteries, a strong-willed heroine and well, more secrets. Just blend.