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Nightshade (Nightshade Series #1)

Nightshade (Nightshade Series #1) - full review can be found on my blog, holes In My brain Nightshade was in many ways a very solid book. It had strong sense of plot and characters, interesting mythology premise, conflict of various kinds, strong writing and plenty of romance. I loved the fact that I couldn’t put it down for no other reason than that I wanted to find out how it ended :)I didn’t think I would buy into the idea of Guardians (werewolves) but to my surprise, I actually really enjoyed this element. The backstory of their origins with the Keepers and other fun stuff was well presented and believable; I haven’t read many paranormal books but this one was above average on my own scale.However, when it came to characters I felt quite underwhelmed. Calla Tor is the alpha. She’s the leader. She’s betrothed to the alpha of another pack. I have reread this statement worded differently plenty times throughout the novel yet I can honestly only believe that 1/3 is true.Throughout the whole novel, the fact that Calla is the alpha basically becomes the mantra, but it doesn’t show. At all. I don’t even understand how she can be considered strong, every time she is near either Ren or Shay (which is 90% of the book) she becomes a spineless hormonal teenage girl leading two boys on which is, of course, fine because it is… ‘realistic’ but it doesn’t work very well for me.I also don’t feel she’s much of a leader. Why? Well, she doesn’t know anything about her precious pack; her brother knows more than she does and she’s supposed to be ‘the alpha’. She’s also stupidly naïve, I mean did she honestly not know who was gonna get together? I always wondered if her pack would still follow her if not for the traditions. Then in spite of all these faults, is it strange that I liked her? I liked the intense internal struggle she had to dealt with, her insecurities about the boys, and the doubt about her future destiny.I guess the big question is Team Shay or Team Ren? For me, this choice is by default because there is no way I could ever favour Ren despite his attractive qualities. This is because of a single action of his that made me lose complete and utter respect for him. At a point in the novel, he gets answers from Calla using pain and brute force. No. Just no, no, no.His “I had to do it” speech was total bullshit, there should NEVER be a time where a boy physically hurts a girl for his own stupid gains. It pisses me and I personally find it as unredeemable as domestic violence. The fact that Calla ended up being ‘okay’ about it and brushing it off made me lose some respect for her as well, she’s the strong alpha? Whatever. Go Shay!My final comments are positive ones, the writing was very good and kept me engaged. I liked the way the plot unfolded although the ending twist was too easy, I wanted to be surprised but I figured out pretty much as early as I could even without the hints and clues. The twist in the middle totally took me by surprise though! Overall, one and a half thumbs up. xD