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Revolution - Jennifer Donnelly full review found on my blog holes In My brain Oh boy, prepare for gushing. It's like Donnelly read my mind for exactly the type of book I needed at the moment. I got to read about a girl whose life is suckier than mine (hehe, jk... not really though) and while the angst could serve as a turn-off, I fed off it.. no joke. I just loved the deep and emotional Andi who effortlessly made me care about her.I easily slipped into the novel as I would a pair of old shoes, I loved how the pre-Paris events were eventful, not just a set-up for the 'real story', it kills me when 'inciting incidents' are just dreary boring stuff that takes too long to set up the real story. And when the real story started rolling I was blown away. There's so much small and subtle details the paints a gloriously larger picture as we follow Andi trying to navigate her way through both her life and a foreign country.As the summary indicated, the novel is a unique blend of dual storylines with Andi in Brooklyn/Paris and Alex's diary entries during the French Revolution. The two storylines meshed together well, but I'll admit Andi's story was the one that truly drew me in. All the characters were well developed, and I felt the characters in the diary entries all had their own little oomph to add to the story. Also, love interest, see: swoon. Definitely near the very top of my list of fictional boys.And the music?? The guitar, Amade Malherbeau, Virgil's rhymes, Andi's broken lyrics... I love every single aspect of it and the gorgeous role it played in the novel and Andi's life. *sigh* I seriously can't get over how wonderful everything is.Plus the writing, oh my dear god, the writing was just so lovely. Exquisite. It's not big-words, poetry-esque writing; it was subtlely beautiful which I absolutely adored. From the very beginning I could tell REVOLUTION would be something special and despite the fact it isn't the fastest moving novel ever, I savoured all 457 pages of this novel.