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The Lover's Dictionary

The Lover's Dictionary - David Levithan full review can be found on my blog, holes In My brain4.5/5Words can hardly describe the amazingness known as The Lover’s Dictionary. I am tempted to skip a review and just throw a ton of 'definitions' your way, but alas, I gotta dispend some of my adoration for this novel to you guys.This isn’t YA, but don’t let this detract you from trying it, because this incredibly unique novel told with so much heart you wonder if this is where our overworked teenage emotions eventually channel to.The relationship described is an adult one, and it is not sunshine and buttercups, it’s real and it's life. There’s doubt, mistrust, mistakes, hope, and so much love swept between ‘aberrant’ and ‘zenith’; adjectives and nouns and verbs that make up our body, mind, and soul. Anecdotal entries, single-sentence entries, entries with metaphors and entries that seemingly have nothing to do with the title word.Yet everything works. So, so well.I wish more authors were as talented as Levithan, this is the first non-collaboration I’ve read of his and it rocked my world. His prose and diction knows no bounds and neither does his creativity. The lack of chronology (minus alphabetical, of course) makes the novel more interesting as sometimes half a page feels like a earth-shattering flashback and another simple sentence pushes the clouds away.I also loved the unnamed narrator and his lover, neither of them is perfect, and I feel like a broken record but both of them were so real. The lack of information given about the two of them in part doesn't relaly take away from the novel, it just makes the root of the emotions more relatable.Might I add that I learned a lot of new words. I like learning new words. It makes me feel smart. This book is smart, so if you like smart books, read this.THE LOVER'S DICTIONARY is a charming, heartfelt and intensely profound novel that effortlessly redefines the intricacies of life.