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Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed  - Emily Giffin Not going to review on the blog.Basically, I read the first 200 pages (quite tediously although it is a fast read) and then the last 20 to figure out the fine-tuned details. so No, I didn't read the entire thing but I have a very great idea of what happened in the middle.Something Borrowed was just not for me. Things I really didn't like:-the beautiful, gorgeous, manipulative, self-centered best friend-the unsympathetic, lacking-a-backbone, self-pitying main character who focuses too much on why her best friend is a bitch-whinyness. so much of it.-the cheating in general. Call me naive, but the affair didn't earn brownie points for ANYONE, I don't give a freak about how he can't make up his mind or whatever, maybe you should stop cheating on your fiance and use your brain for a bit. *sigh*-sub-par writing, I've read numerous YA books that have so much better prose-boring, reptitiveness. Sex, think about him ALL THE TIME, feel guilty, show many instances of Darcy being a bitch. Repeat.-echhhh perfect endingYeah. I didn't *hate* it I just didn't really like it. I feel bad giving up but honestly it felt like I was just wasting time. I'm torn on whether I want to see the movie (which was the reason I picked up the book).