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What I Saw and How I Lied

What I Saw and How I Lied - Read the full review on my bog, holes In My brainFrom it's title to the last sentence, WHAT I SAW AND HOW I LIED swept me off my feet and effortlessly took me back into the 1940’s with a tale rich in characters, mystery and atmosphere. This novel’s style is classic and graceful; people speak and act exactly how I would picture them to in my head, from Evie’s mother’s posture to the characters’ dialogue. The heat of south Florida, the beaches, boys, parents, the search for second chances and a new beginning.. all that is beautifully weaved into the top-notch plot.I have come to expect a lot of extreme-ness in plots after reading so many contemporary novels. I love reading about dramatic and emotional things like death and fighting so the subdued style of this novel threw me off at first. However, it is clear that the subtlety of the beginning is just a stepping stone to the shocking twist and the surprising ending. The way pieces built up to the climax demonstrated Blundell’s talent in plotting and pacing.The thing I adored most about the novel was its sense of style. The prose and dialogue were very impressive, and the way the author incorporated things like fashion, speech, and cigarettes made the setting that much more believable. Evie’s teen-ness could get on my nerves (the whole ‘oh-my-gosh that boy is sooo THE ONE’) but she’s definitely a relatable and sympathetic character. Evie’s actions are quite true to self, especially when males are concerned; She could be snobby and stuck-up, or just an insecure girl. I guess I can forgive the fluttery heart of first love…Lastly, the plot was utterly fantastic. Initially light-hearted sunny fun, things take a turn and the 'web of lies' forms an addicting thriller that makes readers to need to know what happpens next. Blundell managed to touch on so many teenage topics without overdoing or overwriting, Family, love, loyalties, and even racism is explored in this thought-provoking and entertaining novel.