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The Demon's Covenant (Demon's Lexicon Trilogy Series #2)

The Demon's Covenant - Sarah Rees Brennan I went into this without reading any reviews, so a very fresh blank slate and the lingering memory of my love for The Demon’s Lexicon. The Demon’s Covenant? Even better.But how is this possible? Could it be because the writing has grown exponentially? That humour is subtlety interlaced perfectly? That the characterization is mind blowing? The plot was oh-my-god amazing? The climax that will rival the one from DL (that is saying something!)? And the make out scenes (oh man, the make out scenes!) with the love triangles? *swoons a bit*The answer to all of the above is a big fat YES. Sarah Rees Brennan is an undoubtedly clever author capable of weaving a fast-paced, action-filled novel that doesn’t surrender to sequel-syndrome.The characters are arguably my favourite part of the novel (since I loved everything..) because being a sequel, it gives way to character development that sometimes goes overboard in middle-novels. Brennan keeps this in check and unveils true intentions layer by layer in a way that keeps you guessing and doubting the whole time. Each character becomes alive a jumps off the page (and into your heart). The writing in this one never distracted me, and kept me engaged and flipping the pages well into the night. Although I don’t have an elephant's memory of DL, I do think that this time around, the writing improved by leaps and bounds, showing the author’s tremendous growth. Action scenes were concise and clear, and the descriptions, especially of the Goblin Market were unique and vivid. The whole magician/demon world created was fantastic.Parting thoughts: I can NOT wait for the next book!!! Oh, and there are a few new sub-plots introduced and loose ends...and a huge loose end just setting up Book 3.4.8/5 – because it ties with two of my favourite books this year. It has an engaging plot with endless twists and turns, wonderful writing, and characters you aren’t embarrassed to wear a ridiculous suit for if that meant cheering them on and falling in love with them. If you are by any chance thinking of the next paranormal book to read, pick up this series now. Read The Demon’s Lexicon first, and keep a jar handy for all the bits of your brain when you get your mind blown. To read a full, in-depth review on my blog, click here.