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Beauty Queens

Beauty Queens - Libba Bray full review on my blog, holes In My brainWith an unforgettable entrance of a group of “Teen Dreamer” beauty queens who land on an uninhabited island after a plane crash, you could imagine what ensues, right? Not really. Not if you know Libba Bray. Because she takes readers on a whirlwind escapade through her bizarre brain-- I can’t even describe how made of awesome her brain (and this book) is.Also, there are footnotes. Win.I wish I could quote everything in this book, because it’s hard to describe how different the writing is. There’s humour in the writing, it’s not writing with humour. Do you know what I mean? You have to read it to believe it, seriously. The Writing (capital W, guys). Genius.I adored pretty much all of the characters because of how original, yet relatable they were. Beneath the ~sparkly~ exterior, Bray manages to portray honest emotions of teenage girls, whether dealing with sexuality, insecurity, crushes, etc. The supporting characters of the pirates, MoMo and even Ladybird Hope all shined as well; entertaining and ridiculous-- a fantastic combination, don't you agree?Expansive and comprehensive character development can be tricky with a large ensemble cast but I felt the number of weak characters was held to a minimum. True, the story is not devoid of two-dimensional characters or characters who pop in and out randomly, but the focus is controlled enough to carry several storylines to a satisfying degree. The overall plot arc did take a slight hit; I felt there were times where I was thinking “what the heck is going on” as things got sloppy, but well—I enjoyed every second of it.Beauty Queens is not a novel you should take too seriously on the surface, but at its heart, it’s an insightful, intelligent and satirical look on today’s society’s focus on beauty. It’s a book that FISTPUMPS for female empowerment, and yep, it's outrageous, hysterical, witty, and did I mention funny as hell?4.5/5 – because it was fantastic and I loved it. I loved the themes, the writing, the wildly exciting characters, and above all, I loved Ladybird Hope. Just kidding, my heart belongs to Sinjin St. Sinjin, one of the pirates of Captains Bodacious IV: Badder and More Bodaciouser! (I’m not even making this up). Actually, I can’t choose a favourite, they’re just too wonderful. Anyways, the only drawbacks were that I was never completely emotionally committed and the plot was slightly overdone, but overall… I can’t recommend this book enough.