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Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins full review can be found on my blog, holes In My brain So I could write a straight-forward review with gushing adjectives and hopefully well-formed senteces but screw it. I mean, this review is funner, right?You will LOVE this book if you fulfill one or more of the following: * Have a heart * Are relatively emotionally stable * Have a brain * Are literate or have functioning ears * Own an imagination * Likes* to read * Are a female * Or maybe even a male * Dreams of perfect boys with beautiful hair and accents * Dreams of imperfect boys with height challenges and crooked teeth * Thinks the cover and title aren’t doing the book any favours * Likes Paris (or the idea of it) * Believes in love * Is cynical about love * Likes thin mints * Likes to feel happy occasionally * Likes to be constantly happy * Likes to grin while reading * Likes to swoon while reading * Likes endearing protagonists * Likes cheering in movies as that cute boy finally gets the courage to ask the main character out * Enjoys reading books with great writing * Likes my blog * Likes Harry Potter * Likes awesome authors like John Green, Sarah Dessen, and Maureen Johnson * Are a Nerdfighter (DFTBA) * Dislikes Nicholas Sparks, or whatever “non-romance-genre-but-who-are-you-kidding” books he writes or stands forWHY you will love it: * The writing is amazing, it's witty and sharp and funny and ten type of lovely. * Anna is a relatable, flawed and completely endearing protagonist. * Étienne St. Clair is an imperfect yet perfect love interest. He used “pants” as a curse word. * The relationship development is developed, like holy crap it is * All characters are developed and evolve throughout the course of the book * It’s in Paris! * It's gourmet literature**. * It’s funny. And cute. * It will make you happy. * It will surprise you by how funny and cute it is. And you won’t understand why you’re grinning so much because it’s an understated type of funny and cute. Which I think is the best kind.You will most likely NOT enjoy this book if you fulfill FOUR or more of the following characteristics: * You hate puppies * You hate sunshine and rainbows and the smell of spring and idea of Paris * You belong in a Satanic Cult that butchers books * You eat paper for fun * You feel you are above literature (gasp)Yeah. It's a good book.