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Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead full review can be found on my blog, Holes in My Brain.So. Last Sacrifice. Wow. Probably one of my most highly anticipated books of 2010, it’s the finale of a stunning 6 book series about vampires, it amazing, great, good, and bad. At times.First thing I LOVED was the familiarity of it all, we are back in Rose’s head and although she can be bratty and selfish at times, but she is still the kick-ass, lovable heroine. The experience of being back into Mead’s vampire world was like a second-nature; that’s when you know a series has really had an effect on you.The book is 590-ish pages, and I will say I was completely swept away in the first 540. My heart was racing, I was on my toes… all the way up until the climax and ‘big reveal’ where shit hits the fan, everything was going swell and I was loving it. I even remember thinking “maybe this will be a 9.5 book, I mean, it is freaking awesome!” Then the climax. Then everything went downhill.I won’t really say what happens except I hugely disliked the final fifty pages, I hated Rose, the aftermath, most of the events… it kind of ruined a great book (not by much, but by a star rating).That aside the plot, the action, the mystery.. everything was extremely well done and detailed, and I applaud Mead for giving readers exactly what they want in an original style. I was completely engrossed in the multiple storylines, both Rose on the run and Lissa who has her own challenges. There might have been a few unnecessary portions but all in all, it was well paced and nicely written.And the romance. How can I not comment? I’ll just say I’m happy about who Rose ends up with (was there really any doubt?) but I detested how the ‘break up’ went. Also, I think I will say that Christian Ozera is amazing, so is Eddie, Abe (Abe!) and I’m a fan of Sydney. I’ll definitely be reading the spin-off series, Bloodlines.